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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 12, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>james: sunny and warm this afternoon. this evening things will stay clear and drop back to 50-60 degree range. here are your current temperatures. in the south bay we are just under 60 degrees. mid-50s in the north bay near santa rosa. made '80s for los gatos and morgan hill. warmer in the
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inland valley areas. the same story for the north bay. 73 and a sunny is your forecast for san francisco. as we look towards the future, we have to watch the pacific. for us we have white pressure saturday and sunday maybe a few more clout and cooler. the good news is we no longer have a chance for spring " in the north bay. that will stay to the north and out of the bay
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area. >> the road work on highway 17 was not scheduled to be picked up until 6:00 a.m., they are in a process of doing that. the metering lights are not activated on the bay bridge. 272 is a
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slow just north of the change. your ride on dublin, 680 south looks good. your ride on 80 is congested out of the altemont pass into livermore.
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>>mark: the occupied protests continue to grow. labor and community groups will be joining them. will tran is live at the federal reserve building with more on this story. well >> we are one hour away from the march at the federal building. right now it is pretty quiet. people are upset about corporate greed, the claim that 1 percent of the wealth is controlling 99% of the citizens in america. they are breaking the law according to the city up san francisco because they do not have a permit. so far police officers are not
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doing anything once the march begins who knows what will happen. we are going to get reaction from them as to why they are continuing to do this. >>justine: this afternoon occupy walnut creek will take over the downtown area. it plans a protest in front of the bank of america on main street.
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>>mark: doubt futures continued to rise ahead of the opening bell. worries about european debt could weigh on the market. it looks like we are off to a better start than yesterday after one of the quietest days in months with the dow closing down 17 points. investigators were spending hours waiting to see what would happen in slovakia. they wound up blocking the expansion of europe's financial rescue program. the u.s. markets reacted negatively overnight but it does appear that the people walking in parliament will come back and passed the european at bailout expanded powers of measure. there were the only one of the 17 euro zonations that didn't. the measure doesn't require unanimous support.--the measure does require
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unanimous support. they will vote again later this week. >>mark: president's job bill has died in the hands of the senate. republicans oppose the tax surcharge on millionaires. the president is likely to push forward with the parts of his plan that he can get bipartisan support for. this is an an effort to reduce the nation's 9.1 percent unemployment rate. >>justine: much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news. a quick break and back with more. here is a live look outside, westbound 580 looking at gilman and albany where a lot of people are starting their morning commute. we have a lot to look forward to weather wise. if you like warm weather, it is 6:07 a.m. and we are back with an update on giants fan bryan stow.
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>>justine: we have some encouraging news from the family of the bryan stow.
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that is the man who was beaten in l.a. earlier this year. doctors have now moved him out of a hospital and into a rehabilitation facility. this video is only available on kron 4. it was taken at a hospital yesterday and shows brian being loaded on to an ambulance for transport to rehabilitation center. one of the doctors treating stonw talked about the progress. >> one of my colleagues said she mentioned my name to brand and he said, tell him hello. that is a dramatic improvement from where he started to where he is today. he is also eating in breathing on his own but he is still unable to walk. doctors are pleased with his progress but are unsure if you will make a full recovery.
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>> brand is a strong guy, before this happened he was working out and he was healthy he is progressing as he should. we are happy that he is totally doing better. we cannot wait for him to come back to work. >>justine: the two men suspected of beating bryan still will be in court early this month for a pre hearing. on that day, the men on not expected to enter a plea. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news
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continues in the latest on the resignation of oakland's police chief. here is a live look at the bay bridge. the back up is already forming. in oakland, 57. a beautiful day today with highs in the upper seventies.
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>>mark: the search is on for a new permanent police chief in the city of oakland as anthony batts is calling it quits. >> i feel like i do not have full control of the oakland police department. i do not have the ability to make the decisions that i want to make or run the organization in a way that i would like to. >> he will officially leave next month. the city of oakland will do a national
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search for a new chief of police. >>erica: his resignation is generating us on our facebook fan page. i have been talking with viewers throughout the morning and asked what they thought. you will be interested on some of the response. one person says, what a shame, that is why oakland will remain a sore spot. things will never change because city leaders do not want change. here is what another person had to say. if you would like to leave your own comments, visit our facebook fan page and i could read your comments on the air. >> new details-- >>justine: investigators are saying that shareef allman killed himself. the corner also tells us that, and shot himself in the head.
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>> the coroner's office said that his cause of death was a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. a forensic pathologist does an autopsy with an open mind. they look at all of the wounds. although there were other wounds on the body, this was the fatal wound. you have to keep an open mind until qualified medical examiner goes through the autopsy process and find out what happens. this is what you do the autopsy. >> almond led police on a 26 hour manhunt that began at the lehigh cement plant. the cement plant reopens on monday. >>mark: in the meantime funeral services will be held for victims of the quarry shootings. john vallejo and san francisco at 10:00 a.m. at the jubilee christian center. funeral services for another man will be held at 11:00 a.m. in san jose at the oak hill funeral home.
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>> let's check in with james fletcher to talk about the warm weather that is looming into the bay area and how long it will stick around. >> here is a quick look at temperatures. it is clear. just about everyone is in the fifties this morning with a couple of exceptions. we have seen temperatures drop by a couple of degrees in the last hour. just about every location has dropped a degree or two in the last hour. temperatures will get warmer this afternoon. you will have a really nice day. '60s and '70s coming in to you by noon. '70s and '80s by around 3:00 p.m.. it
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is absolutely beautiful to be out side. we have some high pressure over us right now. we are not too concerned with what we're seeing in the pacific. your 7 day forecast, we have taken off the raindrops for saturday and sunday. let's get a check on the ride with george this morning. >> the forecast is going to be slow on the bay bridge. that is the way that looks right now. the metering
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lights have only been active for a few minutes but it is enough to back the traffic up to the middle of these parking lot. traffic is still pretty dense coming in from the first over crossing as he had towards the toll plaza flats. it looks as though the backup is forming quickly westbound. currently it is an 11 minute drive time that we expect that to climb. we are starting with a bridge check because we have no other hot spots. we have a smooth commute and no delays >>george: here is a look at the ride on interstate 880.
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the ride on the six eighties out on its clear through the san ramon valley. south bay freeways, still a bit of slowing on the 101. that is the only a slow stretch for a ride on 101 northbound leading from the 85 interchange to the montague expressway. in marin county, no delays for 101 southbound. an easy trip from nevada to central san rafael and the golden gate bridge. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. not nearly as much fog as yesterday morning
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>>james: we are nine degrees cooler in many areas, eight degrees cooler. it is a cooler start today, clear skies. we will talk more about your forecast for this afternoon and the week ahead coming up in a little bit. >>james: two irani and government agents are accused of plotting to assassinate the saudi arabian ambassador to the u.s.. they tried to hire someone from the mexican drug cartel to carry out the attack. the obama administration wants more sanctions form of ron because of the plot. two members of the irani special forces action unit have been charged with conspiring to kill the saudi diplomat. a u.s. citizen who holds an irani and passport has allegedly admitted to his role in that plot.
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>>james: ayman al-zawahri g8 is warning revolutionaries to protect themselves against the west saying that nato will demand that libyans give up their islamic >>justine: we are going live to wall street after this quick break. much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news as we take a live look outside. that is 580 in albany. current temperature is 58. a high of 76 and by 8:00 p.m., 68 degrees. we will be right back. hot
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>>james: opening bell on
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wall street. dow features of 110 points. looks like we will get a surge in some early trading for better than expected results coming in from pepsi there is also worry that slovakia may move forward to passed the extended bailout measures. we will bring you the numbers on wall street throughout the morning. it looks like a nice day around the bay. >>james: on the rise is the theme for today. traffic streaming into san francisco just fine. your ride along 101 is fog free. everyone enjoy in clear skies. sunny and warm this afternoon. inland highs will get up into the 80s. the weather looks like it will stay nice
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through the rest of the week. here is where we see temperatures right now. basically every temperature on the map has dropped 1-2 degrees in the last 45 minutes. we will continue that trend as we head towards sunrise. across the bay in san francisco, 73 and mostly sunny. across the north bay, warmer. low- eighties is the general trend. as we look out towards the horizon and take a look at what we can expect into the weekend, there is
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some cloud cover streaming towards the west coast. in the day we are going to be looking good. wednesday, thursday and friday, sunshine and warm temperatures. >>george: a growing back up on the bay bridge toll plaza. 13-14 minutes out of the macarthur maze. the 880 approach is backing up a bit in the right-hand lane the ride on 92 looks good and is a problem free. 13-14
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minutes for your trip across the san mateo bridge. remember, it is a long one and the westbound direction. the golden gate bridge ride is a problem free and fog free this morning. 580 westbound continues to slow. in livermore, a bit of a back up the right on 17 north is completely clear. from san jose to cupertino, there are no delays. the north bay ride also looks good. there
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is no slowing on the math for the ride on 101 from marin county. >> more on the occupied protests. occupy san francisco is planning a rush hour march. labor and community groups plan to join them. will tran is monitoring the situation at the federal reserve building in san francisco. >>will: we're 30 minutes away from the the protesters have been here for about a week or so. they are saying that they will not disturb traffic. i can tell you there are officers from the federal reserve building sitting in front to make sure that they keep the peace. a lot of people are here and angry. some of the
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people here are not people you'd expect. clean shaven. they look like they have jobs. >> i do volunteer work. over the last couple of years we have seen more and more people considered normal coming through the doors. there are no services to provide them. we cannot refer them anywhere. there is no government help. i am fed up with the system. by the people for the people is just not working. >>justine: occupy walnut creek is planning to hold their first protest. also,
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members plan to hold a second demonstration at chevron headquarters in san ramon. about 50 people protested there yesterday. some of them even dressed up as oil barrels. >>justine: sony says it has detected a large number of
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unauthorized attempts to access user accounts. sony's as credit-card numbers linked to compromise accounts are not at risk and that it has taken steps to negate the activity. the incidents follow an embarrassing data breached earlier that compromise personal data for more than 100 personal online gaming and entertainment accounts. sony is recalling 1.6 million lcd televisions worldwide because of a defect that can trigger overheating, smoke and melting parts. sony says it has received 11 reports from japan although no injuries have been reported. the defective part which is an inverter transformer used for lcd backlights is also sold in other models overseas. the company will release local recall information for customers in each affected market. >>mark: a quick break as the
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kron 4 morning news continues. hey, ellen, what are you doing?
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hopefuls shared their thoughts at a new hampshire debate last night. herman cain talk of a lot about his 999 plan that would do away with the current tax code.
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his plan is a 9% tax on corporate income, and 9% tax on personal income and a 9% national sales tax. 999 is bold and the american people want a bold solution, not just what will tip the can down the table. have met from the leading candidates with harmon came in second and texas gov. rick perry and third. >>mark: the 999 plan to the kids from other candidates. michelle bachmann joked about the number in cannes plan. >> one thing i would say is, when you take the 999 plan and turn it upside down, i think the devil is in the details. >>mark: former utah governor joked that he thought that
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999 was the price of pizza at godfather's. on the way to the bay area. james fletcher is here. >>james: look at that live shot. it gets better and better. a beautiful looking sky. we are mostly clear. a lot of people waking up and seeing bits and pieces of cloud cover. it is much cooler than it was yesterday morning. nearly 10 degrees cooler in most spots. brace yourself for a brisk walk. in the south bay, upper 50s and low 60s. in the north bay may leave low 50s. this
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afternoon there is no rain or cloud cover. temperatures will be rather nice. take a look at the south bay. we are warming as you head south. in the '80s as you head towards the valley. a beautiful day. 85 in santa rosa, 84 in napa, 85 in fairfield and san francisco will see a nice day with temperatures in the low-mid- 70s. here is what we see in the pacific. cloud cover headed in our direction but not toward the bay area. over the next course--over
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the course of the next seven days, warm temperatures. upper 80s and possibly low 90s. over the weekend, it will be beautiful with decent breaks in the sun for both days and monday and tuesday are also looking good. let's get a look at traffic. >>george: a back up at the bay bridge continues to grow. we do not have any hot spots around the bay area this morning. the metering lights have been active for an hour. traffic is pushed up to the 880 over crossing. 880 is still a faster approach to the bridge. drive times are still the same. 13-14 minutes of foster city blvd. from hayward. that includes a short wait at the
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toll plaza. the golden gate bridge, 101 is free of fall. this out of the it is better today than yesterday. in terms of visibility, no problems for the drive. we will update the bridegroom iran in a moment. the 21-22 minute drive time in the north bay, 101 southbound, still mils slowing to the golden gate bridge. in downtown san
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francisco in near spear street and market in front of the federal reserve market, the demonstrations could create some disruptions. >>mark: more on the oakland police chief calling it quits after two years. anthony batts said he will leave next month. a councilman said assistant police chief howard jordan will serve as interim chief as he did before the arrival of batts. >>justine: there will be a ceremony to take on the barricades in the san bruno neighborhood devastated by last year's pipeline explosion. city officials will be there. just last week, gov. jerry brown signed a five different bills to strengthen oversight of natural gas written in response to the september 2010 blast. the explosion killed eight people, injured dozens and destroyed 38 homes. >>mark: randy riddle is
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going to be leaving his post and going to work at a law firm. city officials have contacted a search to help find his replacement. >>mark: a costly error on voter information pamphlets. 115,000 them are telling voters to go to the wrong pulling facility. that means three correction notices will have to be sent to each resident who received faulty information. this city affects the cost of the correction to be paid by the printer. >>justine: details on a possible school closure. lazear elementary is one of five schools in danger of being close. officials say declining enrollment and a budget cuts are the reason.
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for many, the proposed shutdown is not sitting well. >> i feel sad because we are working hard to have positive education. they do not care. >>justine: a final decision on these closures is not expected until later this month. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. 580 is bumper to bumper. in albany, 57 degrees and sunny skies.
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>>erica: we are following some help headlines this morning. a new study finds that high daily doses of vitamin e r link to an increased risk of prostate
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cancer. the research involved more than 35,000 men ages 50 and older. the results were alarming. men who took vitamin e supplements had a 17 percent higher risk of developing prostate cancer. i have posted a week to the entire study on my facebook fan page. >>justine: much more ahead on the kron 4 morning gains. we will see you in just a few minutes with more whether and traffic.
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